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By sending your materials, you agree that We, "New Book Authors", have no desire to produce your work other than for the purposes You "the Author" specify, or provide services beyond reviewing the material and providing publishing services to you at your behest. As requested, we agree to format, edit for flagrant spelling errors, and bring your book to market for sale via book retailers and distributors. You agree to the $425 fee to provide the services that will bring your eBook and/or Paperback to publication and for sale via print-on-demand retailers and distributors up to 600 pages and/or other applicable fees for services outlined on services and fees page. You agree to submit original material, that does not infringe on the copyright of other individuals or entities. You agree that you are responsible for any legal issues that arise from the publication of your work (if any). We agree that you retain the rights to your unique ideas, material, and copyright and again, we have no desire beyond reviewing or providing the services you request. Depending on your publishing needs, your paperback book will be published through distributors such as CreateSpace or Lulu which will make your book available via online book stores such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You agree that you will use a free ISBN issued to you by the print on demand distributor or you may purchase an ISBN and barcode from Bowker's, the United States Official ISBN distributor. Your eBook will be published through Amazon's KDP for the Kindle, and/or Smashwords. Smashwords distributes your books to numerous distributors such as Apple iBookstore, Sony, Kobo, B&N, Aldiko, and others.
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