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  1. Norrel London says:


    I published a scholarly book in 2003 with a respected publisher in Canada. I have regained the rights to my book in 2016 and wish to self publish a second edition. Do you work with writers outside the US? I am from Trinidad and Tobago and the focus of my book is on the historical and sociological analysis of education in my country. Will I be able to access all the services you’ve listed on your website?

  2. Publishing our debut novel was a labor of love and a dream come true. And we can say without hesitation that it would not have been possible without Erica Hughes and the team at New Book Authors. We had a book we were proud of but no idea how to navigate the technical demands of book formatting and publishing. Erica helped us through every step of the process. Her knowledge of the publishing world is significant, and she was there to answer every question we had, from font selection, to book size, to cover design, to pricing, to e-book formatting, to ISBN and Library of Congress registration. We were so grateful for her patience and encouragement through the entire process. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the services of New Book Authors to anyone who has a completed manuscript and a desire to publish. A very reasonable price and worth every penny!

    Mark and Sheri Dursin, LABORS OF AN EPIC PUNK,

  3. Larry Ehrhorn says:

    I cannot say enough good about this service, particularly Erica Hughes, who guided this computer illiterate through the mine fields of formatting,bar codes,ISBN numbers etc. If you are a first time author, as I was and/or have spent too much time trying to find a reliable agent/publisher, go to New Book Authors without losing more valuable time. It is very exciting to see that first proof in a paperback form. Erica was so patient with my endless questions and cries for help. Thank you Erica!

  4. Karen Looper says:

    i am currently in the process of writing a book and I know i will need to have it edited and ghostwriting possibly. Do you provide this service as well with the complete payment?
    Please let me know.

    Thank you,
    Karen L.

  5. Pat Mojarro says:

    New Book Authors is a fantastic company with extremely knowledgeable people. My contact was very helpful, offering suggestions to improve not only the covers but also the content. She helped me work through some problems I was having, which I really appreciated. Not only was I kept informed every step of the way, all of my questions were answered in a very timely manner. Lastly, the price was perfect for someone like myself, who lives on a small income. I was able to fulfill my dream of getting my book published. I would not hesitate to recommend New Book Authors to anyone. It was a very pleasant experience. I wish I had known about them years ago.

  6. T. Qaiyim says:

    Do you publish poetry? I would need an editor and someone to layout the book. I was working with Page, but 3300 dollars is a bit much!

  7. M. L. Nunley says:

    I am a new writer and have a collection of poem and pictures and a few sketches my children and grandchildren have helped with. I want to get published, but not sure of where or how to start. Most publishing companies are too expensive. I need help with editing and formatting. Is this something your company can help with? Is poetry hard to get editing assistance with? And what kind of fees will I incur?
    I am not a great speller but have accumulated about many poems over the years. I’m a mature women in her 60’s and would like to publish within the next year if possible. I’ve tried personal friends but their time is limited and I’m being push further behind with time passing. I found your sight while researching Page Publishing and others like them. Is this something you can help with? Thank you for a response.

  8. Dani Thompsen says:

    I am interested in publishing a couple childrens books. I spoke to Page Publishing but I want to consider all my options.

  9. Diane Schute says:

    We are very interested in your services. We are educators and want to publish a picture book and have two questions.
    1. We need an illustrator and would like to know the fee to hire one for this book.
    2. We see that once our book is distributed your services are complete; who pays for the printing of the books once is on amazon for example? Are we responsible for getting them printed when people order them?

    Please advise at your earliest convenience.
    Diane and Gail

  10. Dr. Rose Hamway says:

    I became aware of your site after researching Page Publishing’s ad, posted during some TV music screen shot. While I will need help with my finished produce I am having great difficulty completing the manuscript. Are you also able to work as an editor or can you refer someone that I can work with on my project. Any help is appreciated.

  11. Catherine Adrian says:

    I have written a picture book but need someone to do the illustration. What do you charge for that besides the $350.00 fee you mention.

    • Customer Service - New Book says:

      Dear Catherine,

      We have artists, and you can commission one for work on your children’s book. The turnaround time for illustrations is between one to two months depending on the number of illustrations. I will send you an email with details.

  12. RitaRae Elsberry says:

    Lunch With The Animals is a ‘First Book”. A toddler’s story that has been told in my family for generations. I have put it in print through Costco. The illustrations are by water color artist Miri Weible NWS.

    Toddlers love animals, repetition, chants ,familiar settings and funny animal voices; so does the reader.

    • Customer Service - New Book says:

      Dear Rita,

      Thank you for telling us about your book. Please let me know if there is something I can help you with.

  13. Cindy Liljedahl says:

    I have written a children’s book with approx. 2000 words…do you find the illustrator?

    • Customer Service - New Book says:

      Dear Cindy,

      Yes, we have illustrators working with us whom you would commission for your artwork.

  14. David Huff says:

    We contacted Erica Hughes to work with us on our first book and she being the professional she is, was very helpful in making sure we had everything we needed to prep and sell our book. Her patience working with us as we were first time Authors was very positive experience. There was no guessing as to what needed to be done by us or by New book authors site. Her guidance through the process was very much appreciated by my self and my wife. Erica was easy to talk to and a joy to converse with when ever we needed to. She is very consistent in following up on all of our questions we had and is very knowledgeable in her craft.
    I cannot say enough good things about her support and time spent working with us in a new realm we never knew existed.

  15. John Wellman says:

    I requested services from Erica Hughes March 2017. It has been a pleasure. She is very honest, knowledgeable and professional. My children’s books have needed several edits and changes and she has responded to my many needs with patience and understanding and has emailed me promptly,(even on weekends) reassuring me in the entire process. She has also offered very helpful advice and constructive criticism to my works in order to enhance or improve their overall quality and consistency. I was novice in the book publishing process and unfamiliar with all the work involved. She has clarifed every important and crucial step, making the process hassle-free and an enjoyable experience!

    She has bent over backwards for my behalf and done exceptional work so far, do not hesitate to obtain her services, she is a true blessing. Her prices are very affordable and she receives no royalties and does not charge outrageous fees like many vanity publishers. She strives to protect and ensure the authors rights are 100% reckoned and will work with you and do whatever she can to make your book a reality.

    ~John Wellman (Author)

  16. Mohsen S Moadab says:

    I would like to have a phone call from your office .thank Mohsen

  17. J. R. Johnson says:

    I think it would be a bonus for New Book Authors to consider publishing a list of authors they have worked with including the titles worked on and published.

  18. Karen Friedlander says:

    I recently completed my very first novel and investigated getting it published with the many vanity press companies advertising on the Web that charge over a thousand dollars and up. Once you make any kind of overture, they begin to hound you to death to use their very expensive services. My experience with New Book Authors was quite different and much more low key. I requested a phone call with a real person to discuss all the particulars about how the process would work. Erica called at exactly the time that I requested, and she was very forthcoming and informative. All through the process of getting my book into a paperback and ebook format was something that Erica was constantly on top of. Emails were returned swiftly, even on weekends and late evenings. She answered all of my many, many questions and went above and beyond to make my book a reality on Kindle and Amazon. I have nothing but praise for the experience which entailed many revisions and two proof copies before I was satisfied. Erica was extremely patient with me and always polite and professional. This was definitely worth the $350 that I paid, and I would not hesitate to utilize her expertise in the future.

  19. Dr. Thomas Ofner says:

    It’s not clear to me whether or not you handle printing and distribution of physical books.

    • Customer Service - New Book says:

      Dear Dr. Ofner,

      Think of New Book Authors as your publishing team. We provide all of your publishing services, then submit your book to the print on demand publisher for distribution of your physical book. Your book will become available for sale via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other retail outlets used by the POD and distribution company outlets such as IngramSpark, one of the largest distributors in the U.S.

      Please use the PUBLISH NOW link to contact New Book Authors directly. We would love to work with you.

  20. Steve Bussey says:

    I have recently completed my debut novel working with New Book Authors and EM Hughes and found it to be a fantastic experience. I’m am more than just satisfied. Ms. Hughes is extremely knowledgeable, gracious, and generous. And, she was always only an email or phone call away from me as we went through the process. Something very important to a new author, or any author really, Ms. Hughes was very encouraging and understanding.

    New Book Author’s editorial services are spot on and in-depth. Every author knows, or should know, that each word in your book has to earn its place and there was one point in my 75,000+ word manuscript where New Book Authors changed a single word in a sentence, from “be” to “feel.” Believe it or not, that one little change made a big difference. To say they went through my story with a fine toothed comb would be an understatement, and I am very thankful for their professionalism.

    Please count me as a very-very satisfied customer and I hope to meet Ms. Hughes in person one day and buy her a cup of coffee!

  21. David Goldstein says:

    I published a S/F book with a vanity publisher 10 years ago.Nothing came of it.
    I would like to resubmit it to you for updating the cover and creating a market.
    I have all the rights.
    What would you charge to do this?
    What would you charge to evaluate and or edit it?

    • SystemModerator says:

      Dear David,

      Thank you for writing. New Book Authors is not a vanity publisher, we do provide publishing services and make your book available for sale via retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Pricing on our web site is approximate. $350 for our publishing services. If you decide to add services, $50 to edit for glaring errors or errors that would impact the quality of your book and $75 for consulting on the direction and packaging of your book ( please see
      We do not add hidden fees, contractual agreements (after we have provided services and your book is available for sale, our work is complete, we do not collect royalties, etc). The process is very straightforward. What is not listed on the fees and services page is that you have the option of using a free ISBN from the print on the demand distributor or if an author decides to publish under his or her own publishing brand or company, the author will need to purchase an ISBN and barcode from directly Bowker, which is the official United States ISBN distributor.

      Please use the PUBLISH NOW link to contact New Book Authors directly. We would love to work with you.

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