Fees and Services

New Book Authors’ online services are designed to assist new authors who are interested in publishing a book, but lack the technical skills or time to implement the task. We will format your book for you and submit it for publishing.


New Book Authors can format your book or novel for print and eBook distribution only. We also offer consultation and feedback for authors seeking advice on the packaging of their books.  See fees listed below:

  1. Format your book for print and as an eBook
  2. Register your account with digital and Print on Demand publishers and distributors, upload your completed book cover and title information
  3. Provide consultation as needed (see “Other Services”)
  4. Format your book for distribution as an eBook and submit it to online retailers for distribution.
  5. Set up your ISBN numbers (You have the option of using a free ISBN from the POD distributor or you may purchase an ISBN and barcode)
  6. Set up your card catalogue number with the Library of Congress
  7. Create your sell sheet for marketing purposes and for presentation to book retailers (see “Other Services” – Consulting)
  8. Set up a basic author’s web site or web page (fee)
  9. Assist with marketing  (see “Other Services” – Consulting)
  10. Assist with creating a book cover
  11. Fill out your copyright forms (author responsible for $35 copyright fee to U.S. Copyright Office).
  12. Children books: Authors can provide their own artwork/illustrations or we can pair the author with an illustrator who will work directly (with the author) on artwork for the book. There is a separate, very nominal fee per illustration for the illustrator that can be negotiated based on type of illustrations needed.

OUR FEE: $425


If you are interested in publishing your book as an audiobook please let us know. Authors can record their books and send it to us to package as a CD or submit it for distribution as a audiobook file for sale or streaming through web sites. Authors will need to narrate their story into a recording that meets specific criteria. Ask us about it today.

Audiobook: $350

You know how to format and publish your own book, but you need honest, constructive feedback. I have great news! We  provide consultation services and will give authors honest feedback on the packaging of your books. We strive to educate authors so that you are informed about publishing process. Our goal is to help you produce a quality book. We are also available to help assist you with marketing decisions and packaging.

Consulting fee: $75USD

Edit for obvious errors, typos, or misspelled words. $50

Additional marketing services: Contact us for a quote.


Turnaround time can vary, depending on the length of the book, type of editing (copyediting or general editing services), number of corrections, or number of clients. The average client receives a completed (formatted and/or edited) book within two weeks. But again, this can vary depending on which services you are interested in.

* Please note: We reserve the right to decline books or submissions that are not ready to be published. We may ask you to update your manuscript and submit at a later date.



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