Step 1: Retain the publishing rights to your books!

Establish your publishing brand and retain the rights to your books. We help make your book available for sale through retailers such as Amazon , Barnes and Noble and other fine retailers via notable printing and distribution companies.

Yesterday you were "just" a writer. Tomorrow, you will be an author!

We help serious authors publish fiction and non-fiction of any genre. (click image for details)

Format your book and publish

We will assist authors with formatting their books for print and eBook.

No publishing experience?

Meet industry standards without paying thousands of dollars to vanity publishers who don't care about the success of your book. We will help you format your book for publishing, obtain ISBN numbers, card catalogue, publish your novel as an eBook, and more!

What is an "Indie Publisher"?

Authors today are becoming what is now referred to as "Indie Publishers" and it's not a dirty word! Today's publishing industry has changed significantly, allowing authors to act as their own publisher without the negative stigma once associated with publishing a book without the help of a traditional or commercial publisher. Print on Demand and Digital Publishing has made services once reserved for traditional publishing companies accessible to common man.The downside is that, authors spend as much time formatting and marketing their book, as they do writing it.

We help authors focus on their craft

New Book Author's services are designed to assist talented authors and writers who are interested in publishing a book, but lack the technical skills or time to implement the task. We will format your book for print and digital publishing (ie, as an eBook), and assist with the overall look and feel of your book. We help authors focus on their craft by taking care of the details for you. If you are not computer literate, or uncomfortable publishing your book we will bring your book to market via Print on Demand and eBook distributors and make your book available for sale through popular retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It's that easy! Let us worry about the details for you.

Why pay $3000 USD to publish a book?

Some companies charge anywhere from $3000 - $10,000 USD to publish a print book. These are vanity publishers. Many readers avoid books published by vanity publishers, because they feel they are unprofessional and haven't been properly edited. Vanity publishers will charge you up front for minimal services, deduct royalties from your sales, and retain publishing rights to your books. If you want to have all of the rights to your books, your ISBN numbers and sales pages, then New Book Authors can assist you. Authors do not have to pay thousands of dollars to vanity publish a book. New Book Authors provides the publishing services you need, without a demand for royalties or exclusive rights to your book. Think of us as your publishing team. You also have the option of establishing your brand as the publisher. We will provide technical services and make your book available to the public, write your marketing blurbs for your sales pages, create your sell sheet, set up your ISBN, barcode, copyright, card catalogue and more! As consultants, we teach you the tips and tricks of the industry because we are rooting for your book's success!


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