Ready to publish your first novel? Click "Publish Now". All genres published. New Book Authors will help you publish your book, from formatting to print. At the end of this process your books will be made available through retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other retailers. We also offer PUBLISHING COURSES in the Madison, WI area. This fun A-Z course for writers will show you how to format, market, and publish a book or novel. Click the link below to get started or "Register Now" to take the "How to Publish a Book" course.


Welcome Authors!

This class is for authors and writers who are publishing a first novel or thinking about publishing a book. This course will teach you how to format a book to meet print specifications and where to publish your books without spending a dime. The publishing industry has changed over the years, utilizing the Print on Demand and eBook market to sell books. You will learn what you need to know about using POD and eBook publishing and making your books available through popular book retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many other book distributors.

Learn specs for publishing your book digitally and in print.
Learn the pros and cons of marketing your book.
Learn how to make your books available through online retailers, eBook distributors, and how to get a Library of Congress Card Number.